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Pinctada Maximus by Barbara Becker Simon
PMC Beads by Barbara Becker Simon

Barbara Becker Simon
Cape Coral FL 33914
Phone: 239-849-1666

Precious Metal Clay

The New Alchemy

Big Links, copyright Barbara Becker Simon
In 2007, this necklace entitled "Big Links" was a prize winner in the Saul Bell Design Competition, sponsored by the Rio Grande and the Bell Group, whose purpose is to recognize artists whose work challenges traditional perceptions of jewelry design.

PMC is a revolutionary material that requires no jewelry or metalworking experience. PMC is for the person with absolutely no metalworking experience or for the veteran metal smith. It is a unique substance full of potential and surprisingly simple to use. Think alchemy.....

Created in Japan, PMC consists of molecular sized particles of pure metal (silver or gold), water and organic binders. The clay-like consistency allows infinite shaping and textural possibilities.

Play in clay, fire in the kiln and the result is a piece of fine silver (or gold) jewelry!

Barbara started working with PMC in 1997 and has found it to be a material that enables her to expand her jewelry design exponentially. She has created entire pieces with PMC, jewelry components, beads, and findings.

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PMC Certification:

Barbara is a Senior Instructor with the Rio Rewards PMC Certification Program and conducts three-day certification workshops. Please see the Rio Rewards Schedule PMC class schedule to find one of Barbara's next classes and go to to learn more about the program and to register.